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  New rnb songs that you can listen to for free. Right now the most popular r&b song according to our visitors is “Would U Mind” performed by Vick Jones and written and produced by DaFLow Entertainment. Part of it’s success is due to the video that was released virtually at the same time as the single. Our site is updated with the latest r&b songs like the hot new release “Would U Mind” by Vick Jones and DaFlow Entertainment. Watch the video that was directed by Kenny Luk of Would U Mind and click the face book like button if you like it. We also have many more new rnb songs by other artist like Chris Brown, Music, Mariah, Jay Z, Bobby Valentino,Joe,R Kelly, and many more.
  There are new rnb songs coming out almost everyday, but most of them are not worth the time to even listen to, reason being , with the aid of new technology a lot of people are claiming to be r&b producers with no knowledge of music theory for one, and although you do not have to know this to make music, it does help, also, there is a certain amount of talent needed that a lot of people just don’t have. The good thing is that everyone has something that they are good at, it just may not be making new r&b songs. These are some of the reasons that there are so many new r and b songs on the web that are unpleasant to listen to. Contrary to that, there are many that are worth listen to and deserve much credit.
  A couple of new r&b songs worth mentioning are songs by Trey songz, Bobby Valentino, Usher, Mariah, the hot new single and video by Vick Jones who is new to the r and b scene, Kutt Klose, and many more. Browse our site to view all the videos we have on these and more artist. New rnb songs come out everyday but we try to only focus on the ones that most people will truly enjoy.

  Our website is designed to satisfy your need to find new songs and artist periodically through the year. We update frequently with the hottest new artist coming out and if you stumble across our site and have an artist or suggestion, just leave a comment and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We realize most of our visitors will just be looking for good quality new rnb songs, so that is why we will be updating frequently and be particular about which songs stay and which ones go. As time goes on it is getting harder and harder to find quality r and b songs on the market, so it seems as a society we have started settling in a lot of cases, which has in my opinion lowered the standard. We here are trying to help raise it back up again, so that our children will be able to enjoy r&b songs of the same quality as we had when we were children.
  Feel free to browse our site and listen, comment, and suggest anything new that is not here if want to hear it. You can also download some of the new r and b songs from Amazon or Itunes, just follow the links. Thanks for stopping by.

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Choose From One of the Top Mp3 Download Sites BeLow

Itunes official download website

If you have an Iphone, Ipod, or Ipad, you can download the new hit single Would U Mind from Itunes by clicking here or on the Itunes logo


cd baby official site

cd baby independent artist cd's and more

If you want the actual cd containing the hit Would U Mind as well as other new r and b releases, cd baby will mail it to you. You can also download the mp3 versions from cd baby, although there download cost are slightly higher than some of the other websites on this page. Click here or on the cdbaby logo to get started.
napster official site

Original Napster Website

Napster has been around since the beginning of digital downloads. Join napster today and get a large number of  free downloads including the new r&b single Would U Mind by Vick Jones and Daflow Entertainment. Click here, or the napster logo to get started
Digstation a great place for mps downloads

Great prices on mp3 downloads

Digstation is a Great website for downloading high quality mp3′s  at a low price. You can download the new hit single Would U Mind from digstation right now. Click here or the logo to the left to get started.
Amazon mp3 download site

Amazon music downloads

One of the largest retailers on the internet,most trusted on the net, and also has mp3 downloads for low prices. Download the new r and b single Would U Mind by Vick Jones and Daflow Entertainment here . Click here or on the Amazon logo to get started.
Verizon mp3 instant downloads

verizons official mp3 to phone download website

Coming to Vcast soon (currently not available as of yet) Vcast  is verizons mp3 network. If you have verizon as your phone provider you can download Would U Mind directly to your mp3 capable device. Click here or the Vcast logo to get started.

Liquid digital, walmarts mp3 store

Walmarts mp3 store, Liquid Digital

Coming to Liquid Digital soon (currently not available as of yet) Did  you know that Walmart has a mp3 download website for all the popular mp3 downloads? Download the new rnb single from one of the lowest priced retailers in the world. Click here to get started or click the Liquid Digital logo to the left.
emusic official website

emusic has it all

Emusic is the second largest digital download website on the internet, enough said!  They also have the lowest  prices on mp3 downloads, out of  all the sites listed  Get your copy of  Would U Mind  from emusic by clicking here or on the emusic logo to the left.

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